The Grand Ballroom

Think of Luxury

Size 1200 sqm pillarless hall Roundtable Seating Capacity 800 Balcony Seating Capacity 115 Standing Reception 2000 Theatrical Seating 1300 Stage 135sq,m Central LED screen 2016px by 1176px Side screens 1080px by 1920px AV l-acoustics & advanced 360° 3d projection mapping lighting technology Other Matrix suspension system, decorative lights, WIFI, VIP rooms, five dressing rooms for artists and bar among others. Suitable For Weddings & Anniversaries, Corporate Events & Parties, Awards, Product Launch, Diplomatic Events & National Day Celebrations, Fashion Shows and International Conferences, International and Local Concerts and Performances, Exhibitions and Expositions, Talks and Speeches among others

Junior Hall

Feel the Luxury

Size 200sqm Roundtable Seating Capacity: 80 Standing Reception 300 Theatrical Seating 220 Suitable For Engagements, Team Building Events, Training Sessions,


Celebrate in Luxury

Size 810sqm Standing Reception 400 Theatrical Seating 500 Other large central bar, sofa and armchair seating for 50 persons, wardrobe, private cigar room Suitable For Welcome Events, Product Launches, Presentations, Diplomatic Events and National Days, Fashion Shows, Exhibitions and Expositions


Size 30sqm, 30sqm & 45sqmFully Furnished with En-suite Bathroom Suitable For Private Dining and Celebrations, Business and Dinner Meetings among others

Additional Amenities and Services

  • Full Kitchen & Catering"
  • Parking for up to 500 cars with Valet parking services"
  • Security – inside and outside"
  • House Keeping VIP Transportation"
  • VIP Rooms"
  • Dressing Rooms"
  • (Arm) Վերելակներ"
  • Elevator"


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The Kitchen Concept is a unique approach, which gives our guests the freedom to create bespoke dishes and menus to,suit ones specific taste and presentation. Our Executive Chef Artavazd Gregory manage the Kitchen Concept.

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The sound of L’Acoustics is the number one choice for artists worldwide. Lighting technologies include Clay Parky & DTS Stage Lighting. Our audio-visual team will help set the stage for a great guest experience by handling all of your needs.

Stage with a total area of 135 sq․m

Stage with a total area of 135 sq․m, with three large screens and stage lighting, all around front staircases, two back stage entrances and ability to install podiums and stage extensions.

Original High Quality Screen

Original high-quality LED stage screens with 180 degrees viewing angle without any distortion. Central stage screen is 2016px by 1176px and two side screens of 1080px by 1920px.

Decorative Lights On The Walls

The various types of lighting allows us to create and later the visual space with zoning to complement design and decoration.

3D Projection

Advanced 360 degrees 3D projection mapping technology. Using all four walls, the technology projects bright, detailed and beautiful images and videos to create a magical light up performance to animate and energise your event.

Matrix Suspension System

Full Matrix Suspension System, allows for the installation of any decorations from the ceiling as well as aerial dance shows and performances.

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